“Loving yourself is a journey, not a destination.”

– Tess Holliday


I’m the photographer and owner behind Supernova Boudoir, one of D.C. and Northern Virginia’s top boudoir studios. I believe in helping women realize they are not only beautiful, but fearless and brave.

As a domestic violence survivor myself, I believe in feminism and equality for everyone, but especially and including women, and especially women who have suffered from the ravages of domestic abuse, divorce, or simply need their voices to be heard.

My clients have ranged from brides to mothers with littles on the spectrum to women who have exited bad relationships. My heart belongs to a world where women don’t feel less-than because they’ve compared themselves to someone in a beauty magazine, or that woman in the yearly Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It belongs to the women who want to celebrate where they are in this moment.

Supernova Boudoir’s mission is to empower all women and help them to become fearless and know they are beautiful right now.

My commitment to my clients ensures that you leave your session excited to see your photographs, but more importantly, that you had an epic time with me capturing the essence of who you are at your core.

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I'm pretty self-conscious about my every other woman.

Mrs. S

Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C.

Our Bespoke Boudoir Gallery

Privacy is important to us.  All images are used with permission.


More love from clients

Jennifer is simply the sweetest soul and most talented photographer ever! Her attention to detail and eye is incomparable! Every women should have a boudoir shoot for themselves and experience feeling that beautiful! I walked out of her gorgeous studio on cloud 10!!! My hubby can't keep his hands off of me which is a nice perk!!
lovettsville virginia boudoir photographer
Mrs. J
Lovettsville, Virginia
Jennifer is LITERALLY the best. I was so nervous the first time, YES THE FIRST TIME, I WENT BACK!! The first time I went was for a boudoir album to give to my (back then) fiance on our wedding day. We both fell in love with every single picture that I went back to do a maternity session! She made me so comfortable, like I had known her for years, so going back for a maternity one was a piece of cake. If you've ever considered boudoir, you need to BOOK NOW and go get sexified with Jennifer.
maternity boudoir photographer in northern virginia
Mrs. L
Rockville, Maryland
I had such a wonderful time with Jennifer. I felt gorgeous and she made me feel completely at ease. I wanted to stay longer!! I am definitely going to be using her services again. Can’t recommend her highly enough!
gainesville boudoir photographer
Ms. A
Gainesville, Virginia


Natural beauty and confidence revealed

The Supernova Boudoir Experience comes with professional hair and makeup by our amazing partners right here in Northern Virginia.

Finn from Blushaway Makeup is our primary hair and makeup partner. Not only is Finn a talented and sought-after makeup artist in the DMV, she also holds diplomas in holistic therapies, diet and nutrition, aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sports Massage, and Stress Management. You know you will be in excellent hands!

When you come in for your session, you’re going to kick back and relax in one of our signature robes with a tasty beverage in your hand while we begin the pampering process!


From girl-next-door to Runway





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A walk through the Supernova experience

Book Your Session

We’ll chat on the phone about what you are looking for, talk about your “why” and then if you like what you hear, we will book your date!

In-person Consultation

Schedule your optional in-person consultation. This is a private meeting we can have to talk about wardrobe, have you try on items from the client closet, and collaborate on your vision. I make this optional because we do live in the D.C area and traffic here is soul-crushing at the best of times.  However, I want to help you be at ease before your session and these in-person meetings definitely help with that!

Get Glam

When you come in for your session, our hair and makeup artist is going to bring you up to our studio, put you in a plush robe with a tasty bev in your hand, and get started on your makeover!

Time to have some fun!

Session time!  We will shoot 3-4 outfits, or “looks”.  Most clients opt for 2-3 different lingerie looks and then a fine art nudes, but that is up to you!  I will guide you through all the poses from eyelash to pointed toe!

Sessions last about two hours.

The Image Reveal

Approximately two weeks after your session, you’ll come back to the studio to see your final images for the first time and get to order your favorite to take home in luxury, heirloom-quality products hand-curated by yours truly.

Wear your crown

You’s a bad ass bitch, you beautiful queen! Sometimes it just takes doing something outside of our comfort zones to realize how bomb we are!

“You could rattle the stars,” she whispered. “You could do anything, if you only dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.”

The stories behind Our Beautiful Clients

It's time to invest in yourself

You are worthy of this experience.

Booking a boudoir session is a commitment. It’s a commitment to yourself, that you are worthy of feeling beautiful in this moment. It’s a commitment to your future self, to make tangible memories of this moment in time. Boudoir photography is not the kind of session a woman does every year or every other year (although some do!); this is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you will get to take home custom artwork from some of the finest artisans around the world with which to enjoy for decades.

The Supernova Boudoir Experience begins at $500 and custom artwork starts at $799. Payment plans are available to make sure you don’t have to leave behind art you love.

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We do not require model releases. We believe you have ownership over your body and your privacy, and therefore we only share images for which we have received explicit permission.

Yes, always! We work with Finn of Blushaway Makeup. Finn is a holistic skincare expert and will not only do a fantastic job on your hair and makeup, but she will also take the time before your session to read through your Skin Prep Questionnaire to determine the best regimen for you pre- and post-session

No way! The only person in the room that needs to know how to pose is ME! But I will be guiding you every step of the way through all the crazy poses you see on my website, and by the end, you are going to know to do the Booty Pop, Boobs to the Sky, and “prune”. 😉

The FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

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