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Celebrate the true essence of your beauty with the expertise and artistry of one of the East Coast’s top boudoir & portrait photographers

Woman doing a back bend while wearing a rhinestone bra while posing in front of studio lights at our Florida boudoir studio.

You yearn for creative photographs that make you feel beautiful.

You desire imagery so powerful and fascinating that it captivates yourself and evokes a stream of pure, undeniable emotion.

The search for a passionate photographer who can artistically capture your beauty has been a challenging task. Look no further.


“As us women age, we start to see our bodies change, especially after children, which can be quite scary and hard to handle. I decided to reserve a spot with Jennifer to do my boudoir shoot when it hit me that, while I may not be 25 anymore and things aren’t where they once were, at 45 I am at my prime. I wanted to capture that before I got any older. I’m not the most daring or outgoing person and I was obviously scared to have someone take pics of me in lingerie(!) but can I just tell you how amazing Jennifer and her team are?! I left that session feeling so good and so appreciative of who I am and how far I’ve come in life. In a word, it was EMPOWERING! I highly recommend leaving your fears behind you and taking the step to meet yourself again through Jennifer’s lens. It is well worth it.”

Mrs. N

A woman wearing a Yankee's jersey and red high heels sits in a chair next to the window on a rainy day during her Jacksonville, Florida boudoir shoot.




Artistic Synergy & Creativity Is Key

Jennifer James aspires to apply her natural creative instinct with her technical expertise + fine art background to capture her subjects in a way that not only evokes emotion, but leaves them feeling beautiful . . . and more importantly, WORTHY.

A unique balance of guidance and trust is essential in the outcome of a boudoir session. Jennifer welcomes all women into her studio to help them see themselves and find their inner vixens.

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Did you know that 100% of our clients leave their session feeling like a badass?



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The Portrait Masters Image Awards 2021 Bronze with Distinction
Looks Like Film Bare Winner

Jennifer James

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Jennifer James is an awarded photographer who documents boudoir and glamour, helping other women to see their own worth and value. 

She grew up mostly splitting time between Chesapeake, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida (with a brief couple of years in Hawaii), where she was inspired by the wilds of the ocean and landscape around her.  She passionately explores the natural movement of our bodies while helping to awaken a sense of self in her clients through the art of photography.

Jennifer’s work has been recognized by top peers in the industry with mentions in Rangefinder Online, Looks Like Film Bare, The Portrait Masters, and F-Stoppers. 

Silhouette of a woman standing in front of studio lights during her Florida boudoir session.

You are a beautiful, powerful woman.