Ms. D | 50th Birthday Boudoir Celebration Photoshoot

A 50 year old woman wearing angel wings in her boudoir session

Ms. D came in to celebrate her 50th birthday with a boudoir session and I am so glad she did!

We had an amazing time creating her custom shot list that included thigh-high red boots, books, and fine art nudes.

I could tell you all about her and her why, but instead I asked her to tell me what made her do a boudoir session for her birthday, what the experience was like, and what she would tell someone who is holding back. Read on to hear in her own words what a boudoir shoot meant to her.

What made you book in for a session? What were you hoping to get out of it?

It was an impulse that had been built out of a series of serendipitous events. I had never heard of boudoir sessions until I began to date someone who told me about them – he had thought of doing one for himself. I was getting back into shape and getting my life – my self – back after a particularly acrimonious divorce and custody fight. One day, an offer slipped into my Facebook feed. On a whim, I bought a session. I was hoping to have an opportunity to see myself as who I remembered. Over the years of an abusive marriage, I lost who I was. I wanted to find myself again.

Not only did I find who I was, but more importantly, I found who I have become. For years, no one took my photo. I had lots of selfies, but nothing where someone else saw me. And then there was the session. You saw me. You saw me the way I wanted to be seen. You saw who I have become. Everyone who saw the photos I shared saw it.

Describe how you felt before coming in for your session?

I was a little anxious. I had prepared myself physically and mentally. I was almost ready. But I had to deal with an emotional blow shortly before – the man whom I had been dating, the first man I had dated since my divorce, and frankly and man with whom I had fallen in love, had broken up with me. I knew that I was ready for my session. But I was heart-broken. I was worried that this would show, that it would overshadow me. That my pain would cover all of the strength that I had built. That’s why I emailed you before the session. I wanted to let you know that I was concerned. And you handled it beautifully. You built me back up, reminded me to come in as the strong woman I am, not just despite of the heartbreak, but because of it. That I have weathered so much already.

What made you choose Supernova Boudoir and Jennifer James?

At the most basic level, it was serendipity. You showed up right when I was ready. I had seen you, as well as other photographers, in social media. I had looked at the images. And what I saw when I looked at the images from Supernova Boudoir was that the women all looked like they were comfortable in their skin. That was what I wanted. So when the opportunity came, I grabbed it.

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

I loved how the combination of preparation (shot list, the pre-shoot meeting, wardrobe discussion) and the spontaneity of the session worked to create some wonderful images. Knowing that there was a structure and plan allowed me to feel like we would get everything done, so we could focus on each outfit and each shot. You (Jennifer) made me feel so comfortable that I could bare everything – not just physically, but to be there emotionally. I didn’t have to think or worry, I just had to get dressed (or undressed) and follow directions. It was liberating.

What is your favorite photo from your boudoir session?

I think the favorite photo has to be the one I got for wall art – the one with me topless on the bed with the books. There is so much captured in that photo that reflects who I am. A close second is the one with me against the wall with the red boots and black jacket. That reflects a side of me that doesn’t get out often enough, but is always there.

How has your boudoir session changed your perspective about yourself and your body?

At 50 (and now 51), I still don’t feel old. The photo shoot has let me see that I am beautiful. I am worth looking at. I am strong and powerful and sexy. It let me see myself the way that others see me.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence or thinks she can’t do one?

I would tell her (or him) not to hesitate. Just do it. The experience is so much more that what I anticipated it to be. To have someone see you, to really see you, and then to show you how beautiful you are is an experience everyone should have.

50th birthday boudoir session
an anonymous black and white boudoir photo
boudoir shoot for her 50th birthday
A girl in pink lingerie leaning against a big, ornate mirror for her boudoir session

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A woman in a wet white tshirt for her boudoir session
birthday boudoir photos
birthday boudoir photos
fine art nudes boudoir shoot to celebrate her 50th birthday
boudoir shoot for 50th birthday
boudoir shoot with books

Hair and makeup by Finn Mauritzen | Blushaway Makeup in Aldie, Virginia.

Jennifer James, Jacksonville Florida Portrait Photographer

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