The Five Best Places To Shop for Affordable Lingerie Online

You’ve booked your session and you’re starting to get excited about having a luxury boudoir experience. Then you think, oh shit, I have to find lingerie But it needs to be affordable lingerie. Shopping for lingerie can be, well, daunting for anybody. Almost every woman I talk to tells me, “I never shop for lingerie, I don’t even know where to start!” Girl, I feel that! #teamgrannypantieshere

These stores have a lot of options for all tastes and body types, some modest pieces as well as more risqué. This is for all the non-lingerie ladies who want to feel glam and gorgeous during their session without breaking the bank.

I also have a secret to share with you: if it photographs well, that’s all that matters!

Ultimately, when searching for affordable lingerie, keep these other five things in mind:

  • Size charts and consistency
  • Sales
  • Return policies
  • Shipping times
  • Will it photograph well?

The Five Best Places To Buy Affordable Lingerie In 2021


SHEIN is a great place to score some cute pieces for your session when you are on a budget for lingerie. Sizing consistency may vary, so check the size chart but you can’t beat a $6 teddy on sale.

Keep in mind shipping times. SHEIN items often ship directly from China and take some time to get to the United States.

affordable lingerie from shein - jacksonville fl boudoir
This black bodysuit comes from SHEIN and it photographed beautifully!

4. Forever 21

Clients are always surprised when they find out I acquired specific, popular pieces in the Client Closet from Forever 21. An absolute favorite is the loose-knit ivory sweater (paired with a black bra makes it even better!) and it has graced the shoulders of many!

Keep your eyes peeled for clearance sales at Forever 21, it is an awesome opportunity to score some sweet budget lingerie deals on outfits for your boudoir session.

this loose-knit sweater came from Forever 21 and is a client fav!
Everyone’s favorite sweater is from Forever 21.


Yandy is great if you are on a lingerie budget and you are looking for plus-sized pieces. They are super body-inclusive! As an aside, they also sell fun accessories, like the soft cuffs featured in this image below.

soft cuffs from Yandy - jacksonville fl boudoir

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is a phone app and it is sorely underrated for lingerie. Often you can even find couture pieces at a steep discount! If you are squicked out about wearing someone else’s lingerie, never fear, they sell new with tags, too!

(But I recommend Lysol Lingerie Disinfectant if you really want something that has been worn before, it’s great for this purpose and how I sanitize the Client Closet.)

affordable lingerie from poshmark - jacksonville fl boudoir
This particular Victoria’s Secret set didn’t come from Poshmark but we did find it (and buy it) on Poshmark, too! Whenever I am looking for last season stuff like this, I hit up Poshmark because someone is bound to have it!


I have a confession to make. I stock most items in the Client Closet from Fashion Nova sales. It is my favorite spot for budget lingerie! They are always putting their clothing on sale, but the big ones to watch out for are Independence Day, Labor Day, and of course, Black Friday. Sizing is fairly consistent and my favorite bodysuit, which happens to be a Client Closet favorite, is the Manipulation Bodysuit. It looks amazing on everyone!

affordable lingerie from fashion nova jacksonvile boudoir photographer
Ms. K in the Manipulation Bodysuit from Fashion Nova

[Don’t forget to grab the Dream Shoot Planner]


Amazon is an incredible resource for finding inexpensive lingerie with quick shipping. All the pieced I’ve scored from them have held up well and sizing is overall consistent. Best part? If it doesn’t work or you hate it, Amazon’s return policy is the tits!

lingerie from amazon
This suit is out of stock but try this one for a similar look and feel.

Time to start shopping for that affordable lingerie!

Yes, online shopping for lingerie can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep in mind shipping times, read the sizing charts (and the reviews to determine sizing accuracy), and when in doubt, buy more than you need. I always advocate beginning your shopping earlier rather than later because you will give yourself ample time to try things on and return/exchange any items that aren’t perfect.

Of course, you are free to utilize the Client Closet and not buy anything! We have clients who do that, too!

Don’t forget…

And remember, bodysuits and teddies look amazing on everyone. Stay away from baby dolls because they hide too much! If you feel like you need help, let me know, I am here to help you along the way so your luxury boudoir experience is something you will always remember!

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