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April 7, 2020

Virginia Boudoir photographer recently awarded “Bronze”!

I was a little unsure if I should post about this, because it feels like bragging.

Then I remembered I run a women’s community VIP group on Facebook and every week, we hold a Humble Brag post to celebrate accomplishments.  And I remembered that women tend to make ourselves smaller in this world.

If I’m going to talk the talk, I need to walk the walk.

In August, I submitted three photographs to the semi-annual Portrait Masters Competition.  Portrait Masters is a yearly conference held for portrait photographers, led by Sue Bryce and other renowned photographers from around the globe.  Twice a year, they hold a photo-judging competition. I’ve never entered previous competitions, but this year, I threw my proverbial hat into the ring.

I didn’t expect much.  Impostor Syndrome is a real thing and all artists suffer from it.

Imagine my surprise when I found out I’d been awarded Bronze for all three photographs.

Below are my three “winners”!

virginia boudoir photographervirginia boudoir photographervirginia boudoir photographer


Hair and Makeup by Blush Away Makeup , Glam by Jeet, and BlushTones.

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