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Our clients book for many different reasons but the number one thing they all have in common is they want to feel FEARLESS. Keep scrolling to read their stories.

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fine art boudoir portrait of a woman in a tulle kaftan

Fine Art Nude Portraits with Jess

*Disclaimer: This blog post contains female nudity. If that offends you, don’t proceed. But around these parts, we celebrate the shit out of the female body! You may or may not know, but my dad passed away back in September 2020. Running your own solo business is hard; running it while working through traumatic grief

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A 50 year old woman wearing angel wings in her boudoir session

Ms. D | 50th Birthday Boudoir Celebration Photoshoot

Ms. D came in to celebrate her 50th birthday with a boudoir session and I am so glad she did! We had an amazing time creating her custom shot list that included thigh-high red boots, books, and fine art nudes. I could tell you all about her and her why, but instead I asked her

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new ashburn boudoir studio

Welcome To Our New Ashburn Boudoir Studio!

In December, I left my beautiful warehouse studio. I was sad about it, it was nearly perfect in every way. Yes, it was noisy, the HVAC sucked, it was drafty as hell, and the ceiling leaked, but it was mine and incredibly unique. There was no other studio like it in the DMV. 2020 dealt

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fine art nudes in the desert

Anáis | Las Vegas Boudoir & Fine Art Nudes

A year ago, I was headed to Las Vegas with my husband and two of our photographer friends (Jess and Ross from Luminous Boudoir in Norfolk, VA) to attend the WPPI Conference. (Look, if I am being honest, we used WPPI as an excuse to go shoot in the desert hahaha!) We rented a suite

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boudoir session shot on film at the Vdara resort in las vegas by jennifer james of supernova boudoir

Kendra | Las Vegas Boudoir Session on 35mm Film

In February, my husband and I jetted off to Las Vegas with our boudoir photographer friends, Ross and Jess of Luminous Boudoir in Norfolk, VA. We were going to attend the WPPI Conference. WPPI, otherwise known as, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, is a yearly expo for those in the photography industry to come together

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leesburg va booudoir session

Mrs. C | Leesburg, VA Boudoir Session

What made you book in for a session? This is something I have always wanted to do. I’m an artist myself (ex-classical singer), I’ve been photographed many times and love all types of photography but this is something I had yet to do! The glamour and the good feelings of self love drew me to

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Sterling virginia boudoir photographer

Miss K | Sterling Virginia Boudoir Session

Boudoir makes an excellent gift for your spouse! I love when I get brides in who want to give themselves as a gift to their future husband or wife, because at some point in the process, they realize 1) how much fun they are having and; 2) that it’s really for themselves. The gift is

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lorton va boudoir photographer

Miss A | Lorton Virginia Boudoir

Every woman has a journey. Miss A’s included several years of service in the military and when I met her, she was looking for something different for herself after getting out. Something to inspire confidence and celebrate her new body, post-children, post-military. Something she can take with her inside herself and walk her talk to

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connecting with couples boudoir photography in virginia

Mr. and Mrs. S | DC Couples Boudoir

Mrs. S asked me last spring if I would photograph her and her husband in an intimate couples boudoir session. How can I say no to that?! Couples boudoir is so much fun! It can be serious and loving, or full of jokes and laughter, and anywhere in between! So we met up in Canada

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