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Mr. and Mrs. S | DC Couples Boudoir

Mrs. S asked me last spring if I would photograph her and her husband in an intimate couples boudoir session. How can I say no to that?! Couples boudoir is so much fun! It can be serious and loving, or full of jokes and laughter, and anywhere in between! So we met up in Canada

Lovettsville Virginia boudoir photographer

Mrs. J | Lovettsville VA Boudoir Session

I could write a profound blogpost about Mrs. J’s boudoir session in my new studio, but it just won’t mean the same as it would if she told you herself in her own words. She was so much fun to photograph, we laughed throughout her entire session! When you have fun, *I* have fun! So

Fairfax va boudoir photographer

Mrs K | Fairfax Va Boudoir Session

Boudoir is such an amazing gift for your spouse, but moreso, it is an amazing and empowering gift for you as well. During a session, you are vulnerable. You have no choice but to trust me at that point! Mrs K nabbed one of the limited Black Friday sessions in 2018 with the idea that

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Miss L | Maternity Boudoir Session in Ashburn, VA

We are welcoming Mrs. L back to the blog today! She came in for a maternity boudoir session and it’s her second time around! What made you book in for a session? The first session was mainly for my fiancé (at the time) to give him on our wedding day. A few months before the

harford county boudoir

Mrs K | Harford County Boudoir Session

I could tell you all the reasons Mrs. K’s boudoir session was amazing: she is an awesome and beautiful individual, she has a great sense of humor, I could keep going… but it would never be so eloquent as what she wrote below on her own Facebook page. So I asked her if I could

photo of a woman with hot pink hair posing for her ashburn, va boudoir session

Miss K | Fredericksburg, Virginia Boudoir Session

I can’t remember how Miss K found me before joining my group, perhaps it was an online networking group or some such. But here we are more than a year later and she’s not only a Glambassador for Supernova Boudoir, but I think I can call her a friend, too. Rather than wax poetic about

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Mrs J | Ashburn Virginia Boudoir

Mrs J’s Ashburn VA Boudoir Session Every woman has a journey. I can’t say Mrs. J’s began the day she booked her first boudoir shoot with us, but it’s been a significant part of it all for her. Now she’s finished her second! Read on to hear about her journey from hesitantly booking one session

DC Northern Virginia Boudoir Photographer - Ashburn, VA boudoir photographer

Miss C | Ashburn, Virginia Boudoir

When Miss C arrived at my Ashburn, VA boudoir studio, she was nearly vibrating with excitement and nerves. This was her first boudoir shoot, and she was afraid she would be uncomfortable or that it might feel seedy (because, I mean, she’s getting nearly nude in front of a stranger, you know?). Her fears were

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The Portrait Masters 2019 Competition Recap | Ashburn Boudoir Photographer

As a photographer (and artist), the most important thing to me is that my clients love their images and artwork. Nothing fills me with more joy than seeing a woman clutch her hands to her chest and whisper, “I can’t believe that’s me.” It is so rewarding! I also love to participate in competitions. Competitions

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Miss K’s Virginia Boudoir Session

Miss K is special to me. I met her through my former colleague who happens to be her wife, and she shares a mutual passion for the arts with me, is a complete history buff, and a total Southerner by way of western Virginia (not to be confused with West “by God” Virginia). She is

DC and Northern Virginia Boudoir Photographers

Ms. N | Fredericksburg Virginia Boudoir

Have you ever thought about an outdoor boudoir session for yourself? I love getting out of my Ashburn residential studio to do outdoor boudoir sessions!  This particular session took place on a private farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia, about 90 minutes from my home.  It is available as a unique location if you like! I love

50 and fabulous boudoir photography in Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Y | DC Boudoir Photographer

Most of my clients are between 35 and 55 years old. I think boudoir sessions are an experience for everyone, and certainly, young adult women benefit from having one (believing yourself to be beautiful is a very powerful tool and feeling) but I think women who are middle-aged like me benefit the most. We’ve lived