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Our clients book for many different reasons but the number one thing they all have in common is they want to feel FEARLESS. Keep scrolling to read their stories.

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A christmas boudoir session in Washington d.c.

Christmas with Bex | Ashburn VA Boudoir Session

I basically NEVER do themed shoots. They just aren’t my thing. I don’t want to be constrained to a theme (that I may or may not like) and above all, I don’t want it to look or feel cheesy and dated 20 years from now. But when this lovely lady asked me to do a

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moody sexy boudoir virginia boudoir

I was Awarded Bronze for Three Photographs | Virginia Boudoir

Virginia Boudoir photographer recently awarded “Bronze”! I was a little unsure if I should post about this, because it feels like bragging. Then I remembered I run a women’s community VIP group on Facebook and every week, we hold a Humble Brag post to celebrate accomplishments.  And I remembered that women tend to make ourselves

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best friend glamour session virginia boudoir photographer

Mrs. M & Mrs. C | Leesburg Virginia Glamour Session

Miss M came to me one spring day and said, “I want to book a glamour session for my best friend, C. And one for myself.” They have been best friends for over 23 years and Miss M thought that a best friend glamour session would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift to Miss C,

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moody sexy boudoir virginia boudoir

Miss C | Moody Sexy Boudoir | Virginia Boudoir Photographer

Moody Sexy Boudoir with Miss C I always ask my clients what they want to remember most about themselves at this point in their lives.  She said to me, “I want to remember my face before it begins to sag.”  Like most women, she strives for perfection and sees mostly flaws in herself. I loved

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boudoir photographer in dc and northern virginia - artistic boudoir photography

After Dark Boudoir Session | Washington, D.C. Boudoir

Some days you get lucky and you get to do something outside your comfort zone; I believe those are the things that push you.  I’ve always wanted to do an after dark boudoir session and finally had the opportunity with this beautiful woman while we experimented with light and shadows, reflections, and colors.  I love

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Northern Virginia Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Empowerment Session with Ms. L | MD Boudoir Photographer

From brain surgery to boudoir empowerment.   “I had brain surgery in November so this shoot is also to empower me.” When she booked me for her boudoir empowerment session, she mentioned that it was a wedding gift for her husband, but also a gift for herself because she had just been through something life-changing. 

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My Top 5 Favorite Boudoir Songs

No boudoir session is complete without a kick-ass playlist, right?  Good music totally gets us all in a vibe and can make or break a session, so it’s important!  I am always happy to supply the music, but my clients can make their own suggestions as well.  I’ve had all kinds of requests, from Van

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Frederick MD Boudoir Photographer

Merissa | Norfolk VA Boudoir Session

This is Part Two of my industrial boudoir creative styled session that I put together with my good friend, Ross Costanza and his wife Jess of Luminous Boudoir. If you haven’t read Part One, Ross and I decided to style a boudoir shoot around this beautiful tulle skirt I purchased online.  We had visions of

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Washington, D.C. Boudoir Photographer

Tiece | Hampton Roads VA Boudoir Session

Sometimes artists get together to collaborate on something and bring ideas to life. And that’s how this two-part industrial boudoir session started with my good friend and partner in crime, Ross Costanza and his wife Jess of Luminous Boudoir. It began with a fluffy tulle skirt I saw on a Facebook video posted by a

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The best Charles Town, WV Boudoir Photographer

Ms. R | Charles Town, WV Boudoir Photography

I was standing on a ladder, holding a paint brush when I missed her call. I’d been jamming out to my Supernova Boudoir playlist while I repainted my cozy studio, carefully brushing strokes of Durango Blue by Behr on my walls.  When I called her back, she told me her story and why she wanted

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DC Boudoir privacy

Boudoir Privacy & Sharing | D.C. Boudoir

Boudoir photo privacy is pretty damn important. Women deserve to have this kind of session for themselves but one thing I’ve noticed that stops them from having one is they don’t exactly know where their photos might end up.  Who uses them?  Where do they get stored? Do they get deleted if you don’t buy

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