Ms. R | Charles Town, WV Boudoir Photography

July 12, 2020

I was standing on a ladder, holding a paint brush when I missed her call.

I’d been jamming out to my Supernova Boudoir playlist while I repainted my cozy studio, carefully brushing strokes of Durango Blue by Behr on my walls.  When I called her back, she told me her story and why she wanted to book a boudoir session, and it sounded an awful lot like my own.  I connect with all my boudie babes, but I connected with her on a level I rarely do.  Sometimes, we are brought down by people and circumstances in our lives, and it takes real grit to pick ourselves back up, wipe the dust from our bums, and keep on going.  That’s my own story.  And hers.

Boudoir sessions can be fun things to do for your husbands and boyfriends, but they are most importantly empowering for yourself, and it was exactly what she needed that day.  She wanted to feel beautiful and inspiring.  She needed to feel empowered and bold.  After making the trip down from Charles Town, Finn glammed her up with gorgeous hair and makeup, and I created a shot list just for her, poses and looks that would help to reclaim some things she had lost about herself, and make her feel like she was on top of the world.  I wanted her to see herself for who she was, not who she was made to believe she was.  The entire goal of a boudoir session, no matter your reason for having one, is to leave feeling fricken amazing.

I’ll never forget when she looked in the mirror to check her makeup for the first time.  She was shocked at herself.  Each glimpse of the back of the camera brought claps of delight, and wide eyes that this was indeed herself she was looking at.  It filled my heart.

Later, when she came to choose her photos for her Heirloom Portrait Box, she said she felt like her old self again.  And it was true, it seemed as if a transformation had taken place.  Gone was the woman who had been brought down by someone, and in her place was a superhero ready to kick Life’s ass, strutting through my doorway, smiles and confidence.

There is no better thank you than that.

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When I took these photos, I was just about 5 pounds from my heaviest weight. But! I felt Beautiful. Powerful. Sexy. Strong. Feminine. Confident. Maybe most importantly, I felt worthy.
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