Mr. and Mrs. S | DC Couples Boudoir

August 20, 2020

Mrs. S asked me last spring if I would photograph her and her husband in an intimate couples boudoir session. How can I say no to that?! Couples boudoir is so much fun! It can be serious and loving, or full of jokes and laughter, and anywhere in between! So we met up in Canada where I photographed them amidst gales of laughter and intimate, soul-connecting moments in a stunning cabin overlooking a lake in Haliburton, Ontario.

Mrs. S. is also a boudoir photographer in the Philly market and it is always a pleasure and honor to be asked to photograph other boudoir photographers!

Peep my favs from their couples boudoir session below!

This is normally where I would cite all the cool lingerie we photographed but the only one I know for sure is the last outfit Mrs. S. is in, which is from Bordelle!

And don’t forget to grab our Dream Shoot Planner if you haven’t already!

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When I took these photos, I was just about 5 pounds from my heaviest weight. But! I felt Beautiful. Powerful. Sexy. Strong. Feminine. Confident. Maybe most importantly, I felt worthy.
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