Mrs. Y’s Boudoir Session

Most of my clients are between 35 and 55 years old. I think boudoir sessions are an experience for everyone, and certainly, young adult women benefit from having one (believing yourself to be beautiful is a very powerful tool and feeling) but I think women who are middle-aged like me benefit the most. We’ve lived our 20s, began to know and like ourselves in our 30s, and in our 40s and 50s, we realize we have so much more life to live.

It’s hard to be a woman sometimes. We want to see ourselves the way we see other women in magazines, and we measure ourselves by this very narrow definition of beauty. What I like to remind my clients is, boudoir is for every BODY, and for anybody. And they can feel beautiful, too, no matter size or age or circumstance.

Mrs. Y was my boudoir experience giveaway winner for 2018. She won her session in August and decided to book her session for November 2018 as a Christmas gift to her spouse. But, it turned into a gift for her, too.

When she came in, she was a bundle of nerves. But honestly, just about everyone is. We chatted with Finn from Blushaway Makeup about what looks she was going for, I pulled outfits from her bag and the Client Closet, and we collaborated together on final wardrobe and makeup decisions to make sure she felt amazing about herself!

She left feeling happy and excited to see her photographs!

Scroll on down to see some of my personal favorites from this session, and drop a comment on which one you think should be wall art in her bedroom!

And watch her testimonial below!

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Hair and makeup by Blush Away Makeup in Aldie, Virginia.

Jennifer James, Jacksonville Florida Portrait Photographer

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