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the couples boudoir experience

Only a few boudoir studios in the Washington, D.C. region work with couples and we might be tooting our own horn when we say we are the best. We focus on the connection between you both, your stories, and your love. We spend time documenting you, those intimate moments, the inside jokes, and the laughter. Couples boudoir sessions can be playful and fun, deep and serious, or anywhere in between. It truly comes down to you and your relationship with one another.

What to expect

from your couples boudoir session

Step One: The Consultation

First, we will get together to meet face-to-face for the first time. This is when we will discuss particular stories, ideas, and visions for your session. This is a complimentary meeting that allows us to get to know one another,

Step Two: Your D.C. Couples Boudoir Session

At your session, you will receive professional hair and makeup. While in hair and makeup with our preferred artists, we will be creating the final list of clothing and ideas to create a customized shot list just for you. We work off lists to make sure we capture you in classic poses and it leaves us room to get creative with ideas we may not have thought of before. Your only job is to have fun!

Step Three: Retouching

We are very meticulous when it comes to retouching images. We do not change people's appearances; instead we shape light and shadows to bring out your best! We edit each final image by hand to ensure the highest quality photograph. The retouching process typically takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

Step Four: Your Reveal

At your Reveal & Ordering Session, you will first view a 1-minute slideshow of some of our favorite images of you. We will then go through all your images one by one, in both color and black & white, and from there you will make your purchasing decisions. You will have the opportunity to see and touch all our artwork samples, from our Black Label albums to our finished wall art. Our goal is that you only take home the photographs of yourself you absolutely cannot live without!

Because we use the finest artisan labs in the world, artwork will be ready for pickup approximately 4-8 weeks after placing your order.

Accolades, Features, & Affiliations

Arlington's Top Boudoir Photographer featured on Rangefinder Online
x 12
The Portrait Masters - Awarded Bronze in 2018x 3
Do More Photographers- Supernova Boudoir is a Distinguished Member - dc and northern virginia boudoir

About Jennifer & Supernova Boudoir

I'm the photographer and owner behind Supernova Boudoir, D.C. and Northern Virginia's top couples boudoir studio. I believe in helping couples deepen their connection through intimate portraiture, and I love to document it!


As a domestic violence survivor, it took me a long time to know what love should look like. Now that I have my husband as my yardstick for honest and healthy love, it has empowered me to help others reconnect with each other and fan those flames.


My commitment to my clients ensures that you both have a wonderful time during your session and you take home something tangible which you can use to relive these moments.

Custom art that is uniquely "you"

There are two goals for every couples boudoir session:

  1. Have an amazing time and
  2. Take home custom artwork that celebrates your journey together

It's important to invest in timeless pieces you can take out together and enjoy. We are creating tangible memories for you to look back on over the decades!


Reservation fee - 600 | This does not include prints or digital products.


Commissioned artwork begins at $800. Payment plans are available for those who wish to budget for a little more. Supernova Boudoir clients typically invest between 2300-2800 for their commissioned boudoir experience.

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“Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it or else we’re lost and love is dead, and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.”


- Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother

All Supernova Boudoir Experiences Include:

Professional Hair & Makeup

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer

Tasty Beverage

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer

Expertly guided photoshoot

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer

Access to the Client Closet

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer

Professional Retouching

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer

Wardrobe Consultation

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer

Reveal & Ordering Session

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

dc northern virginia boudoir photographer


Is there sex involved?


No. Besides the legal ramifications of documenting sexual intercourse (that's extra forms for me to let the government know what I'm doing), I am just not about that life, y'all. You do you in bedroom, I am here to document your spiritual connection with each other.

Do I have to get naked?


No, the amount of undress is completely up to your comfort level. Some people want to maintain modesty, but we find that most of our couples are ready to be a little risky!

What do we wear?


Anything! Couples boudoir is about your intimacy and connection. Usually we will story-tell which may involve various stages of undress, but you can start in jeans and t-shirts, cute pajamas, or lingerie.

What if my partner is camera-shy or nervous?


As someone who is also camera-shy (I know, the irony) and modest, I actually get the feeling! I try to work with all my couples to learn their small stories, their favorite things about each other. By the end, we will be great friends and you'll take away some magical memories and photos that tell your story. It is completely normal to be nervous in the beginning, but it will all go away, I promise!

Where does it take place?


Boudoir sessions usually take place in our residential studio in Ashburn, Virginia; however, we can also have your session in an AirBnB, your own home, or a fancy hotel (which could also be used as a getaway mini-cation for you!).

What if I/my partner gets an erection during the session?


Erections are normal. 50% of the people on this planet have male body parts and erections are a natural response during these sessions. Don't worry about it! We are professionals, and we won't be chastising you or pointing it out.

What's your privacy policy?


I believe your body belongs to you and you alone. I only share images with explicit written permission, and it's okay if you don't want to give that. During your Reveal & Ordering Session, we will discuss the "Permission Slip". This slip allows you to choose the level of privacy you want.

What comes with the session?


Do you mean, besides having an epic time? Couples boudoir sessions work like any other Supernova Boudoir experience, except there are two of you at the session and reveal! All sessions come with hair and makeup for anyone who wants it. Approximately 1-2 weeks after your session, you will both come back for your big reveal and see your photos for the first time! This is my favorite part of the experience because I love to see my clients' reactions to their images. At the reveal appointment, you will then decide which images you'd like to purchase and in what format, whether that is a sexy album or a piece of wall art for your...boudoir.

Why Choose Jennifer James and Supernova Boudoir?

Read below what our clients have to say.

maternity boudoir photographer in northern virginia

Jennifer is LITERALLY the best. I was so nervous the first time, YES THE FIRST TIME, I WENT BACK!! The first time I went was for a boudoir album to give to my (back then) fiance on our wedding day. We both fell in love with every single picture that I went back to do a maternity session! She made me so comfortable, like I had known her for years, so going back for a maternity one was a piece of cake. I had already mastered the booty arches, etc.


Her skill to capture the absolute perfect picture makes it incredibly hard to narrow down when it's time to pick pictures for your album/artwork. If you've ever considered boudoir, you need to BOOK NOW and go get sexified with Jennifer.


- Mrs. L

fairfax virginia boudoir photographer

Jennifer did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable. There were robes available, little touches to make me feel taken care of. She has thought of everything. I never had to worry about how to pose--she told me what to do and encouraged me along the way. The photos are unbelievable and her album choices are like pieces of art. It was so worth it!


- Mrs. C

virginia boudoir photographer

I literally cannot say enough good things about my experience with Jennifer. She's professional yet approachable, funny, organized, punctual, supportive, and a true artist excelling in her craft. The way in which she approaches boudoir and has organized the process for her clients is very indicative of her passion for female empowerment. Jennifer makes every woman feel like a model, and the quality of the photos she creates are sheer works of art. If you are seriously considering booking yourself a boudoir session, Jennifer is the simply the best option.


- Mrs. K

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Join the supernova boudoir VIP lounge, Supernova Boudoir is the DMV's hottest boudoir photographer!

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