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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re like every other woman who has booked a boudoir shoot ever throughout the history of time itself, you have questions. What should I wear? Who’s going to photograph me? Do I need to know how to pose? and the list goes on.


This page addresses all of that and will eventually link to posts that expand on each question. Have a burning question you don’t see here? Send me an email.

Why do you photograph intimate portraits?

Because we live in a world that has told women how we should look, act, and feel. A boudoir session helps reclaim some of what has been taken from us, and allows us to own our beautiful selves. I love being able to give that to other womenand help them celebrate their self-love.



Do I need to know how to pose?


The only people who need to know how to pose are professional models - and ME. Your job is to show up and that is it! My job is to help you feel relaxed and pose you from the tips of your fingers, to your eyelashes, to your hair. I’ll walk you through each step as I look through my camera to make sure you look beautiful!



Do I need to provide the outfits or do you provide them?

I always suggest that my clients bring things they feel absolutely stunning in, whether that is a cute off-shoulder sweater and knee-socks, or stilettos and a teddy, because it is ultimately about how you feel in the clothing you will be wearing. With that said, Supernova Boudoir also has a small, but growing closet you can browse.

How many people are involved in my shoot?

Prior to your session, you will be hanging with me, your makeup artist and your hair stylist. After you are done getting glammed up, you will typically only be with me, unless we decide to bring in an assistant for the day, in which case they will always be female and always with your express permission first. Supernova Boudoir’s mission is to maintain client comfort and privacy above all, so you come first.



Who does my makeup and hair?

I work with an amazing team! My primary hair and makeup artist is Finn from Blush Away Makeup. She does fantastic work and you will love getting dolled up by her! In the event that Finn is not available, I pull from my resources of local professionals who do outstanding work as well.

Intimate Boudoir in McLean Virginia

How many people get to see my photos?

You know how I mentioned above that client comfort and privacy are super important to me? Who gets to see your photos is entirely up to you. I will always ask you as part of my standard operating procedure, but I will never, ever make you sign a model release. You get to choose which photos make it out into the world, or none at all, because boudoir is a commissioned art that shows intimate parts of you and I want you to be in control of that. Many ladies do opt to share at least a few photos, but it is entirely up to you.




How many photos are included in the final product?

I tend to photograph enough photos to show you approximately 40-50 to choose from to make an order, whether it’s a Little Black Book or the Portrait Heirloom Box. A Little Black Book can show 1-2 photos per spread, and the Portrait Heirloom Box can hold up to 30 photographs; however many you decide to purchase is up to you!




Virginia Boudoir photographer

What happens to the photos I don’t choose?

First, I delete all the blinks, blurs, and other photographs that aren’t up to my artistic standards. They’ll never see the light of day. You won’t see them, either. The photographs you don’t choose will also eventually be deleted to free up space on the hard drive, and I will store purchased photographs for an undetermined amount of time.



What's your backup plan?

Ahhhh, one of my favorite questions because I’m a super geek! First, all final photographs are stored on an external hard drive; none are stored physically on my computer. Then, Time Machine backs all my files, including my external hard drive onto a 4tb+4tb NAS (Network Area Storage) in our house. That 4+4 you see there means it’s two duplicated drives, so that is my second and third backup of your photographs (and all the other important shit I have stored). Finally, I back up to an encrypted cloud business service as my 4th backup. The cloud service is my “in-case-the-house-burns-down” fail safe (because if the house burns down, none of the local storage devices are salvagable and all that work is gone). But, don’t worry: because the cloud backup is encrypted, no one can see what’s stored there.



How long does it take to get my order?

All orders are 100% handmade just for you and my contract states 6-8 weeks from order approval to order delivery. This is because I curate from the best labs across the world, so your order might be traveling from Europe! This also allows a buffer in case there is a mistake that needs to be corrected, but if the order is early, rest assured you will get it sooner rather than later. It is well worth the wait, I promise!



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