Tiece | Hampton Roads VA Boudoir Session

July 12, 2020

Sometimes artists get together to collaborate on something and bring ideas to life. And that’s how this two-part industrial boudoir session started with my good friend and partner in crime, Ross Costanza and his wife Jess of Luminous Boudoir.
It began with a fluffy tulle skirt I saw on a Facebook video posted by a friend and suddenly, I had these visions of a bride in an industrial boudoir setting. She would be in her skirt, but topless, and holding a spray of flowers while she waited on the bed for her lover. I wanted something that transcended bridal to give those romantic vibes, but also contrasted nicely in an industrial space, and Ross’s studio down in Norfolk is perfect for that. So I tagged him in and we talked about our ideas. Thirteen days later and thanks to their network down in Hampton Roads, we had the amazing Tiece King in the studio, makeup done by Meg at Blushtones, and beautiful florals by Fluttering Flowers in Norfolk.
Tiece rocked her boudoir session that day, and we took her through several different looks, including the bridal suite, but also some rocking fishnets and implied nudes, and a few topless as well. We also took her upstairs to the Luminous mini-studio to get some undressing portraits, and sat her on a wrought iron spiral stair case for a different, kind of “lost” look.
It’s so fun when artists get to create for the sake of creating, and this session was no exception. I know we all had a blast and Tiece will enjoy her photos for years to come.

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Washington, D.C. boudoir

Washington, D.C. boudoir

Washington, D.C. boudoir

Washington, D.C. boudoir

Washington, D.C. boudoir

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