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information about your d.c or jacksonville boudoir session

You'll turn out ordinary if you're not careful.



Our sitting fee is $500 and covers your time in the studio plus professional hair and makeup.  Your session fee includes:

  • An in-person consultation at the studio to discuss anything you like, including wardrobe, artwork ideas, and more
  • A luxury boudoir experience with Jennifer James where we pose you from eyelash to pointed toe
  • Professional hair and makeup by a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist
  • Access to our 200+ item Client Closet where you can pick out items to borrow and wear for your session
  • Artisan retouching and editing of all your purchased images
  • A private, in-person image reveal and ordering session to handpick your favorites

Investment in your artwork begins at $740 and we offer a variety of options to fit both budget and personal aesthetic. Some women come in and just get a basic album; others want it all.  We have clients who spend $3,000 and others who spend over $10,000 on their complete luxury boudoir experience and artwork. Keep in mind what you spend is up to you.  Payment plans are available prior to your session and we can also accept PayPal Credit and Affirm.

The full Investment Menu will be sent to you immediately following the completion of your booking process.


September 2022 – SOLD OUT
October 2022 – SOLD OUT
November 2022 – 2 Dates left
December 2022 – 5 Dates left

Booking 2023 now!

Artwork Options

We offer many ways to uniquely display and showcase your gorgeous images!

When you come in for your private reveal and ordering session, we will look through all of your final images and begin making artwork choices.  We have curated samples from the very best labs in the world, and when our clients touch and hold them, they can feel the difference!  Most of our products are handmade in Europe

I will help you in narrowing down your final images to those you absolutely love.

The Experience

Why should you invest in a boudoir experience?

Boudoir portraiture is an art form; much like the paintings and sculptures of the old masters, you too are beautiful and your beauty deserves timeless preservation.

This is what I live to serve: to create gorgeous photographs you will value for years. I believe that every woman should be able to pull out photos of herself and “remember when”. These shouldn’t exist on a hard drive or some kind of disc, but should live in a beautiful album or reveal box that you or your loved one can share and treasure as a gift to yourselves

For centuries, women have been told how to feel, what to wear, and how we should view our bodies. We are too skinny, too fat; we eat too much or too little. Brands market clothing to us in sizes designed to evoke emotions that make us addicted to numbers on tags and scales.

Boudoir is different. It’s about who you are in your own skin. Peel away your insecurities and inhibitions, who you’ve been told you are, and it’s all about who you feel you are on the inside. Women come to my boudoir sessions feeling nervous and leave feeling feminine and empowered.

The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself, & shine amongst those who never believed she could.

Book Your Session

We’ll chat on the phone about what you are looking for, talk about your “why” and then if you like what you hear, we will book your date!

Optional Phone Planning Session

Schedule your optional phone planning session. This is a 30-minute meeting we can have to talk about wardrobe, ideas, and collaborate on your vision. I make this optional because most clients fully trust us to give you a kick-ass session no matter what!  However, I want to help you be at ease before your session and these planning calls definitely help with that!

Get Glam

When you come in for your session, our hair and makeup artist is going to bring you up to our studio, put you in a robe with a tasty bev in your hand, and get started on your makeover!

Time to have some fun!

Session time!  We will shoot 3-4 outfits, or “looks”.  Most clients opt for 2-3 different lingerie looks and then a fine art nudes, but that is up to you!  I will guide you through all the poses from eyelash to pointed toe!

Sessions last about two hours.

The Image Reveal

Right after your session, we send you out for a late lunch and then you’ll come back to the studio an hour later to see your final images for the first time and get to order your favorite to take home in luxury, heirloom-quality products hand-curated by yours truly.

Wear your crown

You’s a bad ass bitch, you beautiful queen! Sometimes it just takes doing something outside of our comfort zones to realize how bomb we are!

The Studio

The Supernova Boudoir studio is moving to Jacksonville, Florida

Our current studio is located in Ashburn Virginia and is a private, residential space inside a beautiful mid-rise with views of the Blue Ridge mountains and all of Ashburn! It boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful, feminine decor.  Simple wood flooring leaves a modern finish to the rooms and we get the most beautiful light! And we never rent out to other photographers so you know your session will be completely unique!

We will be moving into a beautiful, brand-spanking-new commercial studio at World Golf Village in St. Augustine! Stay tuned!

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and we also accept Paypal Credit!  Read below to find out more.

PayPal Credit

Buy now with PayPal Credit and pay over a time that best suits your budget. PayPal Credit offers 0% APR on purchases over $99 for six months.


NOTE: If using PayPal Credit, please be sure to apply BEFORE your reveal session so you will know if you need to supplement with additional payment options. Supernova Boudoir can accept multiple forms of payment.


Pay over 3-36 months with rates from 0-30% APR.

In-House Payment Plans.

We do offer complimentary, interest-free in-house payment plans in the form of a Pre-Session Payment Plan (PSPP). PSPPs are the bomb! They allow you to plan ahead for everything you want. They must be paid in full 30 days before your session to qualify for any free bonuses and you have the option of paying weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly. More information on PSPPs + our Payment Calculator can be found in your Client Portal when you book in for your session. Click here to read more about the benefits of our Pre-Session Purchase Program.

All your burning questions answered here!

If you’re like every other woman who has booked a boudoir shoot ever throughout the history of time itself, you have questions.  What should I wear?  Who’s going to photograph me?  Do I need to know how to pose? and the list goes on.

This page addresses all of that and will eventually link to posts that expand on each question.  Have a burning question you don’t see here? Send me an email and find out more information about your D.C. or Jacksonville Boudoir session.

Because we live in a world that has told women how we should look, act, and feel. A boudoir session helps reclaim some of what has been taken from us, and allows us to own our beautiful selves. I love being able to give that to other women and help them celebrate their self-love.

The only people who need to know how to pose are professional models.  Your job is to show up and that is it!  My job is to help you feel relaxed and pose you from the tips of your fingers, to your eyelashes, to your hair.  I’ll walk you through each step as I look through my camera to make sure you look beautiful!

I always suggest that my clients bring things they feel absolutely stunning in, whether that is a cute off-shoulder sweater and knee-socks, or stilettos and a teddy, because it is ultimately about how you feel in the clothing you will be wearing. With that said, Supernova Boudoir also has a small, but growing closet you can browse.

Prior to your session, you will be hanging with me, your makeup artist and your hair stylist. After you are done getting glammed up, you will typically only be with me, unless we decide to bring in an assistant for the day, in which case they will always be female and always with your express permission first. Supernova Boudoir’s mission is to maintain client comfort and privacy above all, so you come first.

I work with an amazing team! My primary hair and makeup artist is Finn from Blush Away Makeup. She does fantastic work and you will love getting dolled up by her! In the event that Finn is not available, I pull from my resources of local professionals who do outstanding work as well.

You know how I mentioned above that client comfort and privacy are super important to me? Who gets to see your photos is entirely up to you. I will always ask you as part of my standard operating procedure, but I will never, ever make you sign a model release. You get to choose which photos make it out into the world, or none at all, because boudoir is a commissioned art that shows intimate parts of you and I want you to be in control of that. Many ladies do opt to share at least a few photos, but it is entirely up to you.

You will see approximately 60-80 original images to choose from to make an order, whether it’s a luxry album or beautiful wall art. However many you decide to purchase is up to you!

First, I delete all the blinks, blurs, and other photographs that aren’t up to my artistic standards. They’ll never see the light of day. You won’t see them, either. The photographs you don’t choose will also eventually be deleted to free up space on the hard drive, and I will store purchased photographs for an undetermined amount of time.

All orders are 100% handmade just for you and may take up to twelve weeks for delivery. This is because I curate from the best labs around the world, so your order might be traveling from Europe! This also allows a buffer in case there is a mistake that needs to be corrected, but if the order is early, rest assured you will get it sooner rather than later. It is well worth the wait, I promise!

information jacksonville boudoir

Your work sure helps us to recognize that in ourselves, Jennifer! Seeing ourselves through your lens gives us the best possible reminder! Am I right, Ladies?

Mrs. A


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