Boudoir Privacy & Sharing FAQs

Boudoir privacy is pretty damn important.

You deserve to have a boudoir session for yourself but one thing you might ask is, who sees them?  Where do my boudoir photos get stored? Do they get deleted if I don’t buy them?

I am happy to answer what I do with the photos I have taken and what that means for you.

But first, please know that I take your privacy pretty damn seriously.  If you don’t want your cute butt on my Instagram for my followers to see, I’ll never post it.  It’s entirely up to you.  We love seeing all of your beautiful photos and we’re so happy to be a part of your journey! Every image on my website, Instagram or Facebook page has been given written permission for posting.

How do you use my boudoir images?

I use images in online marketing, such as Facebook (either my business page and/or private VIP group), Instagram, Googlethe Knot, and other various platforms where I have a presence. Images are not uploaded to questionable sites; I only utilize trusted sites for marketing and online galleries. Images may also be used for artwork samples such as our luxury albums and wall art.

I also allow–with your permission–my hair and makeup artists to use your images in their online portfolios. This usually consists of Facebook, Instagram, and their own personal websites.  They will usually post a before and after picture to show off their own talent!

Privacy is one of the pillars of my business.

Without respecting the privacy of the women I photograph, I have nothing. The internet is forever, so before anything is signed, I want to remind you of that. Everyone has the option to rescind their “Permission Slip” but I can’t control where images go after they have been posted online. People have pinned, shared, screenshot, and saved many of the images I have taken for their inspiration boards on Pinterest, or for their own shoots scheduled with other photographers around the world.

If I buy your digital collection, where do my boudoir photos get stored?

I used to work for an IT consulting firm and while I know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to computer repairs, I do know best practices to keep my information and data safe.  I store your photos in three places:

  • My working drive (deleted once photos have been delivered)
  • My archive drive
  • And in the cloud, via an encrypted backup to which only I have access

Your photos are in duplicate just in case my house burns down.  That’s a terrible thought, but even in the event of a personal catastrophe, I still want to be able to give you excellent service, and that means having backups.  And they are encrypted because privacy is exponentially important in this business.

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Do you delete my photos if I don’t buy them?

I delete all images not purchased, so if there is something you must have please let me know so we can talk about different options, including a pre-session payment plan.  I also do not post non-purchased images to social media or my online portfolio.

If I give permission, when and where do I sign?

Because you don’t know what your photographs will look like when you book in to a session, you have no idea the level of boudoir privacy you might want. Instead of including a model release with your client agreement at booking, you will choose the images you would like to purchase, and then we’ll go through those to select which ones you are comfortable with me sharing on our Permission Slip.  And if that happens to be none, that is totally okay with me! Your body, your choice.

Read more FAQs here.

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