Mrs. C’s Boudoir Session

What made you book in for a session?

This is something I have always wanted to do. I’m an artist myself (ex-classical singer), I’ve been photographed many times and love all types of photography but this is something I had yet to do! The glamour and the good feelings of self love drew me to your style of boudoir. Great match for my own personal style.

Describe how you felt before coming in for your session.

Excited! I’m not shy at all. I loved feeling part director of my own performance of sorts. Buying outfits, shoes, bras and robes. I wanted a sophisticated mature showgirl vibe. Strong female with knockout curves for this 48 year old mother of two grown young men. I enjoyed doing something completely for myself even though my husband loved all the photos as well. I know myself and wanted photos to speak to that. Watch out future great grandchildren, your great grandmother is HOT! LOL

What made you choose Supernova Boudoir and Jennifer James?

It was apparent to me from the moment I visited Jennifer’s website that she was the best boudoir photographer in the DC area. She brings out the sultry best in each of her clients. The angles, poses, lighting are top notch. Sexy, empowering and tasteful.

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

The moment Jennifer first showed me a shot from the back of her camera. I said, “That’s Me?” No editing, just raw beautiful me. 🙂 Eye opening. We are all too hard on ourselves. Everyday since then I’ve given myself freedom to have the flaws I have and not concentrate on them.

What is your favorite photo from your boudoir session?

A black and white photo of me in the black bodysuit with my hands on my chest. Feels so vogue and bob fosse sexy. Thanks to Finn for the fantastic makeup.

How has your boudoir session changed your perspective about yourself and your body?

I’m being more kind to myself. Full Stop. I exercise a lot & I never thought it showed. Well, it does show. I all ok so love my cake, wine and a lovely meal. Kindness to self is key.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence or thinks she can’t do one?

Run!! Go for it. There is no reason to wait. Everyone can do one. EVERYONE. The experience alone is life changing. Show yourself. Be free and put a lovely 16×20 of yourself on your wall.

Hair and makeup by Finn | Blushaway Makeup.

Angel Wings by Leah Maria Couture.

Mrs. C found all her outfits online! Check out our post on affordable lingerie for your boudoir session…or just bring yourself and use our Client Closet!

Check out another hot mama and her Northern Virginia boudoir session! And don’t forget to grab our Dream Shoot Planner!


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