Miss L’s Boudoir Session

We are welcoming Mrs. L back to the blog today! She came in for a maternity boudoir session and it’s her second time around!

What made you book in for a session?

The first session was mainly for my fiancé (at the time) to give him on our wedding day. A few months before the shoot I did have a pretty scary brain surgery and I was still hearing. I wanted to capture a particular picture of my scar to show in the future how strong I was in that moment and to look back and see how much I had really overcome. The brain issue was found when doing a bunch of fertility testing after trying for a few years with no luck (so it was a blessing in disguise.) The second shoot was for maternity!! It took a few (5 to be exact) fertility treatments to get pregnant and again, I wanted this shoot to show how much I had overcome, emotionally, physically and mentally. And to show what we had gone through to conceive and how special this pregnancy was to my husband and me.

Were you nervous before coming in for your session?

First time HECK YES!!!! Second time NOT AT ALL! You made me feel so incredibly comfortable the first time that I didn’t even realize half the time I was completely naked with my lady parts all out there for a complete stranger to capture. You made me feel so warm and welcome and honestly like I had known you for years which is why the second time around was a piece of cake.

What made you choose Supernova Boudoir and Jennifer James?

After researching on a wedding wire, your reviews and portfolio were the best.

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

How you made me feel. Beautiful. Important. Amazing. Empowered.

What is your favorite photo from your boudoir session?

I honestly wish I could choose. I had such a hard time picking my set pictures but if I HAD to I’d pick the one in black and white in my wedding vail or the one in my red 2 piece. For the maternity, deff the unplanned eating pirates booty because it was so raw and real and DEFFFFF the nude silhouette in black and white.

Has your boudoir session changed your perspective about yourself and your body?

Yes and I look at my books to remind me I’m one tough, badass chick.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence or thinks she can’t do one?


Peep at Miss L’s Ashburn, Virginia boudoir session below.

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Hair and makeup by Blushaway Makeup, LLC.

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