Mrs J’s Boudoir Session

Mrs J’s Boudoir Experience

Every woman has a journey. I can’t say Mrs. J’s began the day she booked her first boudoir shoot with us, but it’s been a significant part of it all for her. Now she’s finished her second! Read on to hear about her journey from hesitantly booking one session to fearlessly walking in for her second!

Peep at Miss J’s Ashburn, Virginia boudoir session below.

ashburn virginia boudoir

How was your second session different from your first?

I had more confidence having, “been there, done that.” It was way more fun, too. I started out more relaxed and I could see it in the photos.

Besides being a Glambassador, what made you book in for session number two?

Honestly, I wanted to book a second session the night of my first session’s reveal. I loved seeing myself looking so damn fierce. Boudoir sessions are like potato chips or tattoos, you can’t have just one!

What was your favorite part of your second boudoir experience?

Feeling even more confident in my skin. The first session made me feel like a Queen. The second one made me feel like a Goddess.

What is your favorite photo from your boudoir session?

‘d have to go through them all again but I think it’s the same as my husband’s where I’m on the stool in the black lace bodysuit and denim jacket. Leg out and lashes down. The hair flip is pretty freaking awesome, too. The photos are like children. I’ll have a different favorite every other day or so.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence or thinks she can’t do one?

Pull the damn trigger! Seriously, we’re all busy these days and make a million excuses why we don’t feel ready to do it. Before you know it, you’ve lost time and feel like it’s just not for you. It is for you. Now is the right time. Don’t look back and regret what you didn’t do. I can guarantee no woman sees herself the way others do when they look in the mirror. We are all beautiful and we all have the right body for it.

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Hair and makeup by Blushaway Makeup, LLC.

Check out Mrs J’s first boudoir session here!

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