Ms. L’s Boudoir Empowerment Session

This session was near and dear to me as a domestic violence survivor myself. It’s important to me that when a survivor comes in, she feels seen, heard, and empowered. I want her boudoir session to remind her of her power, and at the very least, diminish the words and hurt caused by her abuser. I want to remind her that she is more than just a survivor; she is a thriver.

Read on to find out in her own words how her boudoir session made her feel.

boudoir empowerment
boudoir session

What made you book in for a boudoir session? What were you hoping to get out of it?

I wanted to reclaim my power as a Domestic Violence survivor. I wanted pictures to counter the words that were said over me, and I wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the strong, badass woman I am. I wanted to honor my body and all that it has carried me through. I am a warrior, and I wanted pictures to prove it.

Describe how you felt before coming in for your session?

I have CPTSD from 26 years of my marriage, and anxiety is part of my daily life. I intentionally chose this experience to help mark my healing journey and to spur me to continue. However, as the day came closer, my triggers, fears, and anxiety went into overdrive, and I had many sleepless nights leading up to the session. When I walked in, I was unsure how my body or mind would respond, but because of the work I have done, there was also a strong sense of excitement that Jennifer helped me tap into.

What made you choose Supernova Boudoir and Jennifer James?

I was referred to Jennifer by a friend who had her own session. However, as soon as I saw Jennifer’s work and saw she also was a survivor, there was no question in my mind this was something I needed to do, and she was the one to help me see my warrior self.

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

The attention to detail, the comradery, the laughter, the guidance, the ability to make me feel comfortable, the care and concern Jennifer had for me as a client. The feeling I left with. My pictures!

What is your favorite photo from your boudoir session?

I am still in shock over all of them! I think some of my favorites are: One sitting on the couch with a smile on my face in a black sweater, another one is me with my glasses on in my wonder woman t-shirt standing in the superhero pose. Another one is me in the Wonder Woman t-shirt staring into the camera, internally saying “Fuck you” and then my damn booty shots! I will need to study more to think about others, but I would also include the one of me on the floor in all my glory!

How has your boudoir session changed your perspective about yourself and your body?

This morning, as I wake up after my session. I can’t stop smiling and knowing in my soul that there is absolutely nothing I can’t do. I feel seen, heard, and empowered!

What would you tell someone who is on the fence or thinks she can’t do one?

If I can do it anyone can. I was told for years that I was ugly, fat, disgusting, worthless, stupid, not lovable, and not worthy. The list goes on.. but today I stand in my truth and the truth of all women. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are strong.

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Hair and makeup by Blushaway Makeup


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