My Top 5 Favorite Boudoir Songs

No boudoir session is complete without a kick-ass playlist, right?  Good music totally gets us all in a vibe and can make or break a session, so it’s important!  I am always happy to supply the music, but my clients can make their own suggestions as well.  I’ve had all kinds of requests, from Van Halen to Fetty Wap, and as a music lover, I love it all so I can jam to just about anything!


So here are my top five favorite boudoir songs of the moment.


Simple Things – Miguel

I only recently discovered this song, so I’m four years late, but I noticed he’s a pretty under-rated artist. This song gets our booties shaking and we all love photos of booties, so that’s a good thing 😉


Sex with Me – Rihanna

I’ve always loved this song, but what I really love about it is Rihanna so shamelessly admits that she is going to bring the sexy in bed.


1950 – King Princess

Her voice is fabulous, and the song has a slow rhythmic beat, and is completely melodic and hypnotizing, making you want to sway your hips to the music.


Attention – Charlie Puth

Panties = dropped.


Toothbrush – DNCE

Okay, in all seriousness, this song is awesome but I love the video harder because it’s body-positive.  And that’s how it ever caught my attention in the first place.




Praying – Kesha

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this song for all my babes who book for empowerment sessions.  I’m a domestic violence survivor and this song speaks to me on a deeply personal level, as it does for many women who have been touched by domestic violence, assault, and rape.  This song, for me, represents moving forward and rediscovering your inner strength.


Check out my full Spotify playlist here and feel free to follow along!

Leave your own favs below!

I’d love to hear which songs you’d love to hear at your own boudoir session, so drop them in the comments!

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