Welcome To Our New Ashburn Boudoir Studio!

In December, I left my beautiful warehouse studio. I was sad about it, it was nearly perfect in every way. Yes, it was noisy, the HVAC sucked, it was drafty as hell, and the ceiling leaked, but it was mine and incredibly unique. There was no other studio like it in the DMV.

2020 dealt a lot of blows, in both my business and personal life. But the biggest in my business was not being able to stay in that studio. Incidentally, Covid had nothing to do with it, but the weather did. We had to reschedule sessions due to some pretty rad roof leaks. Previously the leaks were small annoyances, and I reported them to my landlord each time, but like everything else in 2020, the weather had to be extra and the leaks became streams of water pouring in from the ceiling every time it rained. As you can imagine, it’s not possible to shoot like that. In fact, Finn, my makeup artist, rescued my gear bag from a big puddle (thank goodness I had the foresight to close the bag!).

Not to mention, the HVAC was pretty terrible, and even with the a/c running, the studio was sometimes over 90F inside. Who knew it would be so challenging to heat and cool a warehouse?!

So in December, I terminated my lease with the blessing of my landlord and moved on to a beautiful, luxury mid-rise just down the road. I will be there until mid-2022 when my husband and I move to Jacksonville, Florida to be closer to family. Yes, I will be moving my business, too.

The new studio space is gorgeous! It features high ceilings, luxury amenities–and my favorite–laundry!

Peep our first two sessions below in the new space (both past clients!). And welcome to our new Ashburn boudoir studio!

new ashburn boudoir studio
ashburn boudoir photographer
boudoir session with catherine dlish robes
ashburn boudoir studio image
girl in yellow velvet lingerie for boudoir session

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laughing in boudoir session
creative lighting using window blinds in photography
ashburn boudoir studio
Beautiful image of woman in white d'lish robe in ashburn boudoir studio
new ashburn boudoir studio images
sweater weather boudoir session in ashburn virginia

Hair and makeup by Blushaway Makeup in Aldie, Virginia.

Jennifer James, Jacksonville Florida Portrait Photographer

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