Why I Photograph Intimate Portraits for Women

July 12, 2020

I want you to feel empowered.

We, as women, spend our lives from a very young age, being marketed things that will make us prettier, skinnier, blonder, or give us smoother, younger-looking skin, whiter teeth, longer, thicker hair, thicker eyelashes, jeans that make our asses look good, and the list goes on.  Like, hello, Barbie? She wasn’t even proportional.

The marketing industry has us addicted to the numbers on our scales and the tags on the inside of our clothes.  A size 10 pants at Target isn’t the same as a size 10 at the Rack, nor Express, A&F, or any other retailer.  Hell, you can’t even confidently buy the same size by the same manufacturer in a different cut.  I’m a size ten in high-waisted jeans or mid-rise and sometimes a 14 in low-rise!  How on earth does that even make sense or make me want to buy clothing?  But you know what it does want to make me do? Starve myself, diet, cut back on carbs, or literally anything else so the numbers make more sense.

Men get to buy things in inches, long and around.  It’s not even fair.

Why I shoot boudoir - dc boudoir photographer
Makeup by Blush Away Makeup

So here we are

in this ever-vicious cycle of marketing meant to make us chase numbers, almost every one of us feeling bad about our bodies, and Ashley Graham bursts on the scene with a music video wearing almost nothing while she makes out with Joe Jonas, and she’s got her body-positivity movement, and the world is stirring.  Here we have a supermodel who is not starving herself, who admits she doesn’t always love her body, and who actively encourages women of all ages to love themselves just how they are in this moment. Even though sometimes that’s really hard.

She’s fearless.

I believe every one of us deserves to love ourselves the exact way we are in this moment.  Every curve or sharp corner.  We are not too fat or too skinny, we don’t eat too much or little.  We are perfect right now.

Intimate portraits for me are

a celebration of ourselves at this very intersection in time.  You are worth feeling more than for a day (and forever), getting glammed up, and learning to love who you are at this very moment.  You are worth taking home portraits of yourself that you will get to cherish for 20, 30, 50 years so that every. single. time. the world has you down about yourself, you need only to pull out your Little Black Book or look up at your sexy wall art for your pick-me-up and know that you are f*cking beautiful all the time and you shined bright that day, baby.

Every woman should experience an intimate photography session for herself.  It is liberating, it exposes your vulnerabilities, and it will leave you feeling empowered.  There is nothing like it for a woman and it’s time we take back our bodies for ourselves and own the shit out of them.

And that is why I photograph boudoir.

For you. For me. For every woman.

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When I took these photos, I was just about 5 pounds from my heaviest weight. But! I felt Beautiful. Powerful. Sexy. Strong. Feminine. Confident. Maybe most importantly, I felt worthy.
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