Seven Tips for Hiring The Best Boudoir Photographer

So you want to have a boudoir session but you don’t know who or how to choose? No worries, I got you, girl! In this blog post, I cover my 7 tips for hiring the best boudoir photographer to make sure you hire exactly who you need who will also help you along the way. So read on, my friend!

1. Decide what style you like

Are you a dark and moody gal? Bright, airy, and cheerful? Do you like desaturated greens and browns to give a vintage look or do you prefer bold and colorful? You don’t need to decide on all of these right this minute but it does help you with step number two!

2. Google boudoir photographers in your area

3. Pay attention to how their works makes you feel

Remember back in Step 1 I said to decide what styles you love? This is when you really look at their portfolio of images. Do you love their use of color, light and shadow? Do you like their editing style? Is this the type of art you would love to have of yourself? When you are looking through a boudoir photographer’s portfolio, pay attention to how their photos make you feel. If they inspire an emotional response that is pleasant and lovely then this means that your upcoming shoot will be similarly enjoyable for both parties involved. Does your gut say, “yes I love this”? Then they might be the photographer for you!

Hair and makeup by Glam by Jeet

4. Look for any diversity shown

Do they show diverse subjects in their portfolio? Do you see people of color, thin bodies, curvy bodies, and more? Not all photographers can photograph all bodies and skin well, so you want to hire a boudoir photographer whom you feel confident will photograph YOU well. My suggestion is to work with a photographer skilled in lighting and posing all bodies (like me, hahaha!).

5. Will they speak to you over the phone?

You would not believe how many photographers refuse to get on the phone to speak with a potential client. Listen, no one really loves talking no the phone but in this line of work, you want to hear the voice of the person you will be stripping for. (And I want to hear the voices of my clients before they hire me.) Anyone can hide behind an email address, but phone calls allow you to not only connect with your photographer but also vet them as well! Are they personable and comfortable to talk to? Are they open and willing to answer any and all of your questions?
Okay so let’s say you’ve found someone who ticks off all the boxes. What next? Hire them! But first…

6. Are they within your budget?

Many luxury boudoir photographers will not list pricing on their website. We don’t here at Supernova Boudoir! This is because we can’t know what someone will spend without talking to them first to find out what they want. Some of our clients only want to purchase digitals, while others want digitals AND three pieces of custom wall art AND a handmade album. Those two prices are not the same so we always give that info over the phone before you book. And until you talk to us, it’s hard to know what you’ll want, too!
Next, do they offer some type of payment plan? Boudoir photography is expensive (and if you find someone who isn’t, ask yourself why) and as such, it commands a luxury price tag. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of budget! Many boudoir photographers–myself included!–offer different payment plan options. Our studio offers a Pre-Purchase Program to allow you to spread out the investment and score freebies, which you can read more about here.

7. Do they have availability in line with your timeline?

What I mean by this is, do they have room in their schedule for you? I have often had to turn away last-minute brides because I was fully booked. Our studio normally books out 9-16 months in advance so it’s always good to plan ahead and get in early. You will find similar availability with all the best boudoir photographers in your area.

There you go! My 7 tips to hiring the best boudoir photographer! I hope this has helped you in your decision-making process to find the absolute best photographer for you! And I hope you have a great session with beautiful images!


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  1. I’ve been wanting to have a lingerie photoshoot since this will be added to my portfolio, which is why I’m currently looking for a photographer. Anyhow, I also agree with you that the chosen photographer must be an editing style. Thank you for sharing the importance of lighting too and angle too.

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