The Portrait Masters 2019 Competition Recap

As a photographer (and artist), the most important thing to me is that my clients love their images and artwork. Nothing fills me with more joy than seeing a woman clutch her hands to her chest and whisper, “I can’t believe that’s me.” It is so rewarding!

I also love to participate in competitions. Competitions force me to move out of my comfort zones, to push myself creatively, and they make me take a hard look at my style and technique to determine where I can do better. I am always trying to do better. Last year, three images scored Bronze in the second half of the 2018 Portrait Masters Competition. The Portrait Masters is an international competition hosted by the legendary Sue Bryce, and all images are anonymously judged by incredible and acclaimed photographers around the globe. Each image entered earns a score which tells you if you’ve placed Bronze, Silver, or the ever-elusive Gold (Gold is next to impossible to get!).

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This year I submitted 11 images to the first half of the 2019 Portrait Masters competition and 5 of them scored a Bronze (the other 6 came extremely close!). I am humbled to be placing in a league of talented artists whom I admire greatly!

Scroll down to view my five Bronze images from the the first half of the 2019 Portrait Masters Competition!

Hair and makeup by Bex Russ & Blushaway Makeup, LLC.

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Jennifer James, Jacksonville Florida Portrait Photographer

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