Anáis | Las Vegas Boudoir & Fine Art Nudes

October 24, 2021

A year ago, I was headed to Las Vegas with my husband and two of our photographer friends (Jess and Ross from Luminous Boudoir in Norfolk, VA) to attend the WPPI Conference.

(Look, if I am being honest, we used WPPI as an excuse to go shoot in the desert hahaha!)

We rented a suite at the Vdara Hotel & Spa so that we could live in the lap of luxury and create beautiful art at the same time. I truly enjoy and love the images I create in my studio, but heading to a destination is like lighting a match for me, it spurs me to create and try new things.

In Vegas, we shot with models in- and out-of-doors. I normally don’t work with models. Almost all the women you see on my site and social media are clients, but I do love occasionally working with models. It allows me to try new things without the pressure of being perfect, it teaches me new concepts like posing and lighting, and truthfully, it feels good to create for me and me alone. That is, after all, how I became an artist, and it’s how I stay an artist.

On this trip, we worked with Kendra and Anáis to create powerful nude art inside our suite and in the desert.

I’ve split this experience into separate posts, and you can find Kendra’s 35mm film art here.

I hope you enjoy and make sure you check back for even more fine art nudes as I post them.

model laying nude in red rocks
nude model in red rocks valley
model in a red dress posing in red rocks park
outdoor art nude photography session
art nude model in window in vegas

Until next time, friends.

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